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More Resources, Links, Videos:

COMER - Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform:   www.comer.org

The Tyee, Vancouver BC by Murray Dobbin, Apr17/15, Liberate the Bank of Canada:   thetyee.ca/Opinion

Web Of Debt:   www.webofdebt.com

Ellen Brown US Attorney, Founder - Public Banking Institute:   www.publicbankinginstitute.org

BIEN - Basic Income Earth Network:   www.basicincome.org

Buying Up the Planet: Out of Control: Central Banks on a Corporate Buying Spree:   www.truth-out.org/news

Financial World War (More scheming in action)    www.counterpunch.org

JohnPerkins.org Author-Activist-Economist (Former NSA and CIA agent): Dedicated to transforming the world into a sustainable, just and peaceful home where all beings can thrive:   www.johnperkins.org

Central Banks Intentionally Impoverish Countries to Deliberately Effect Reforms that Allow Foreign Interests to Loot: Feb 8, 2016:  www.washingtonsblog.com

Climate Change and Global Warming: ITS A LIE!!  Climatechange101.ca

Climate Change is a FRAUD!! The Deplorable Climate Science Blog at:  realclimatescience.com

WAKE UP FOLKS! The US Government and the World all have been hijacked! YES, this really is happening! - Wikileaks: Globalist Plans to Implode US Economy

We The People Can Save The World! Ex CIA Robert David Steele:   RobertDavidSteele.com

911… What REALLY happened, 50yr insider Navy, commercial pilot, Cmd Field McConnell:   AbelDanger.org

Rocco Galati explains content and context of Bank of Canada v COMER Court Case:    youtube.com/watch

National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) - The Privatization Zombie:    youtube.com/watch

Oh Canada Movie - Our Bought And Sold Out Land - Full:    youtube.com/watch

Paul Martin - The Empire Club… Convincing Canadians to give up their sovereignty:    youtube.com/watch

The True Story Of The Bretton Woods:    youtube.com/watch

Paul Hellyer LIVE- Ex Canada Defense Minister explains money, debt, tax, financial slavery:   youtube.com/watch

Scientists Under Attack - Genetic Engineering (GMO) in the magnetic Field of Money:   youtube.com/watch

In case you still believe there is no cure for cancer…   GcMAF = CURE FOR CANCER:   youtube.com/watch

GcMAF - How the Cure for Cancer is being Killed (and Doctors too!):   youtube.com/watch

Climate Change and Global Warming: ITS A LIE!! - To the point Professor Dr Bob Carter: 2015 International Convention on Climate Change - Exposing FAKE climate crisis consensus, lies, and corruption:  youtube.com/watch

30,000 Climate Scientists SUING the Global Warming HOAX! Because its A LIE!!:  youtube.com/watch

Noam Chomsky - How Privatization really works:   youtube.com/watch

John Perkins (Former NSA and CIA agent): Confessions of an Economic Hitman (full video):   youtube.com/watch

John Perkins (Former NSA and CIA agent) on Greek Crisis:   youtube.com/watch

John Perkins (Former NSA and CIA) Hit Men, Jackals, and the Truth about Global Corruption:   youtube.com/watch

Professor Rich Werner (UofS) Where Money Comes From: (6m33sec):   youtube.com/watch

Professor Rich Werner (UofS) Princes of the Yen: “DELIBERATE” crash of the Japan economy:   youtube.com/watch

$50 TRILLION US Fed money missing; Where does it go? Catherine Austin Fitts (Former: Assistant Secretary Federal Housing, Commissioner US Department of Housing & Urban Development for POTUS Bush):   youtube.com/watch

Dr Steven Greer… “UNACKNOWLEDGED”… Interview. FREE Energy is Here!!! Free, Natural, and Clean!! Trillion Dollar Illegal Black (Unacknowledged) Projects… and Illegally Suppressed Technologies!:   youtube.com/watch

This is why Donald Trump won the Presidency!:   youtube.com/watch

MUST WATCH!! Ex CIA Robert David Steele; The ugly, disgusting, incredible TRUTH!:   youtube.com/watch

Remote Hijacking of passenger planes - Thales GE Honeywell Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot:  youtube.com/watch


-FACT: There is nothing more inflationary than a large compound interest bearing debt!!… Simply because the interest dramatically, exponentially, and continuously increases the debt.

-FICTION: The national debt is so large, it will likely never be paid back, and will just keep growing like it has been…

-FACT: Like fiat money the national debt is a “Fiat Debt”, meaning that it only exists when people believe in it.

Technically, all the government has to do is create the money to pay it back.

- WHAAAT?     So then the government can create enough money to pay off the national debt immediately??

Ummm… Yup!  (Caveat: With a little reform or an order from government).

- So then why don’t they??

Ummm… Good question…  Some good observations are that a national debt is a good way to justify things like taxes and deliberate austerity measures. Measures like raising taxes, cutting government services and selling off assets, or raising the age for retirement.

And yes, austerity is a very effective way to justify privatizing government services and assets…

Using tax money to pay interest on a national debt is also a very good way to provide incredible zero risk profits to billionaire banks, financial institutions, and investors. Oh… and austerity measures are also a very effective way to control populations and people.

FACT: Governments deliberately underfund services so they can be privatized… Or to control the people.

FACT: You pay tax to the government, the government then pays much of that tax money to billionaire banks, financial institutions, and investors (NWO, Globalists, Elites). They are literally feeding off the people.

FACT: The government can stop doing this whenever they decide to.

FACT: Austerity measures are planned and deliberate. And to understand this, it is fundamental to understand that governments have the option to create money (credit) instead of debt. (SEE: Greece Crisis).

- So what is the purpose of “deliberate austerity measures”?

Well it works like this: Central and International banking entities keep borrowing money to a country until they can’t pay it back. Then they convince, or force the country to raise taxes to help suck more money out, and then continue until the country is convinced or forced to sell off it’s assets. And of course, the best assets are land and natural resources. (Again… SEE: Greece Crisis).

Oh, and this scheme also effectively allows them to have dominion over the people.

FICTION: The “central banking system” is good for people.

FACT: Under the guise of many international organizations and companies, the global “central banking system” is controlled by billionaire banks and institutions (NWO, Globalists, Elites). Money systems, monetary policy, and economies around the world have been hijacked and are manipulated by these entities for the benefit of their own agendas and gain. Most of this is done in collusion with governments by controlling them with their own money. Which is why it is as true as it seems when governments never really do anything substantial that directly benefits individual people.  

FICTION: Our economy is a “free market system”.

FACT: All major markets are artificially influenced, manipulated, and controlled by the financially powerful. For example, financial institutions and banks artificially influence and control the value of real estate and real estate markets. Because… for banks, real estate is the biggest “goose that lays the golden egg”. If you have trouble believing this is true, then try to get a mortgage these days without first getting a “bank approved“ appraisal.

FACT: Banks don’t care if poor people can’t afford homes.

FACT: When you have the lawful ability to provide money for anything, then “all” poverty is artificially created.

- Oh, so what are they supposed to do, create money and just give it to people?

Ummm… YUP!  They’re called “Economic Programs”!

FACT: There is “NO” reason for even 1 person to live in poverty in Canada… Or technically, in any other country either.

FACT: In “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, which Canada and most other countries signed, it “clearly” states that food, shelter, and clothing, are “Human Rights”!!

Article 25; Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

Everyone has a right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.

Just in case you still don’t understand how bad, corrupt, rigged (or whatever word you want to use here) the monetary system is at the expense of the working poor around the world (you know, the 99% vs the 1%), well here’s a dumb idea:

When the real estate markets crashed in 2008, why didn’t the government just bail out the people instead of the companies and institutions that criminally caused the crash?

Bailing out the people would have solved all the problems at once, because the people would take the bailout money from the government, then pay their mortgages to the banks (so they could keep their homes and not be homeless) and the banks still would have ended up with all the money.

OMG! Could it be that simple? Oh yes it could if the government’s 1st priority is to “the people”, and “not” billionaires (remember, democratic countries have constitutions).

Donald Trump is right when he says the US government is run by stupid people, idiots, and puppets… And if you think its any different in Canada, well then its time to “wake up”. More than 70% of shares in Canadian domestic banks are owned by US Wall Street banks, investment companies, and Global Elites.

FACT: The Bank of Canada is a “Public Bank” owned by the people… and by law is accountable to the people.

FACT: Private Central and International banking institutions and organizations, really are accountable to no one… And these entities have the ability to create money in almost any currency, and do so without anyone knowing.

- What do you think they do with that money?? Hmm…

FACT: Private Central and International banking institutions and organizations are buying up real estate and assets all over the world.

FACT: Lets be clear, Private Central and International banking institutions and organizations, and colluding large globalized corporations, governments, and government officials,  are “Criminals”, and what they are doing and have done in Canada and around the world, are “Crimes Against Humanity”, period! (See: John Perkins: Truth about Global Corruption)

FACT: Agenda21 is a real UN program that encourages privatization of government services, depopulation, and other crimes against humanity. Wikipedia.org - Agenda_21

FACT: “Public Banks” can save the world!


FICTION: Only countries like Russia censor and control the media…


The Canadian media has been ordered “NOT” to report on the Rocco Galati COMER lawsuit!

To summarize and clarify the purpose of the information on this site, and the WWOBB message,

THIS IS SERIOUS! It is no longer an “Oh well, what can I do” problem.   You, yes YOU!… Need to “DO SOMETHING”!!!

ALL Canadians need to DO SOMETHING and SPEAK!!!    (How can I help)

This affects all of us… our families, children and friends, and every part of our lives… OUR money system has been taken from us and is NOT being operated for the benefit of OUR Country and OUR People!


Media Control In Canada:

Only 5 people control all the “main stream media” in Canada!  FIVE!  Including Cabinet!

HOW WRONG IS THAT?? Now That’s Freedom… eh!


Where to find True News:

Alternative Media - Professional and Citizen Journalism

Abel Danger - Field McConnell

Robert David Steele

Sarah Westall - Game Changers Radio

Alex Jones - Info Wars

#Q - Q Anon network


Jordan B Peterson

Lionel Nation

McAllisterTV - Linda Paris

No More Fake News - Jon Rappoport

SGT Report

It is time to end the Global Satanists who are actively destroying the world!!

There is an evil Luciferian network controlling us and our world. Some of the major guilty parties and organizations are:

- The Clinton Crime Family and associates

- Barack Obama (Barry Soetoro) family and associates

- USA DNC and many congressmen, senators, employees

- Rothschilds family, associates and organizations

- Trudeau family and associates

- Jesuits, Freemason and Illuminati network

- Schools, Universities, Colleges all over the world

- George Soros family and associates, all related NGOs

- Rockefeller family and associates

- The Queen, Royal Family, and other Royals in Europe

- Pope, Vatican, Roman Catholic Church, most churches

- Kabbalah, most Religions and churches including Islam

- UN. EU, WTO, NATO, Commonwealth including Canada

- Club of Rome, Bilderbergs, CFR, All Central Banks

- Wall Street, most multinational companies

- All International Banks, Federal Reserve

- CNN, Anderson Cooper, All mainstream media, CBC, CTV

- CIA, NSA, MI5, MI6, CSIS, most intelligence agencies

- Aerospace industry including Bombardier

- Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

- Hollywood, entertainment industry, most celebrities

- and likely many pro sports